The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta

Even worse, Rhegium refuses further help in the expedition. The men themselves did not want to board the ship because they were afraid.

Sicilian Expedition

The Allies had launched a spy operation which convinced the Germans that the Allied landing would take place in Greece. They had previously tried to form local alliances and meddle in local affairs, sending a very significant fleet out in BC to support the people of Leontinoi against the Syracusans.

Final assault[ edit ] Hannibal renewed his efforts the following day. But principally they were instigated to it by the ambassadors of Egesta, who were at Athens and earnestly pressed them thereto.

From whence amongst many other errors, as was likely in a great and dominant city, proceeded also the voyage into Sicily; which was not so much upon mistaking those whom they went against, as for want of knowledge in the senders of what was necessary for those that went the voyage. He was not charged, and the fleet sailed the next day.

General Hull, who worked closely with George Marshall in the Pentagon, said: Second, after 6 years of peace, Thucydides notes that Athenian spirits were rising. Selinus contained two harbors located to the west and east of the hill on the mouths of the rivers.

In order to carry out this action, the 45th American Infantry Division had to return to the Gela beach, and then head north-west. He was otherwise extremely popular and had the support of the entire army; he had also gained the support of Argos and Mantinea during the preparations.

More importantly, what did the Athenians believe? The Camarinans decided not to join either side, although they quietly sent aid to the Syracusans, whose greater proximity and potential victory they feared more than that of the Athenians. After the victory at the Battle of Himera, Gelon used Carthaginian prisoners as laborers and while the the Temple was under construction he also began work on a 46 km Aqueduct, now known as the Galermi Aqueduct.

Sicilian Expedition

Aulus Atilius Calatinus was the first dictator to lead an army out of Italy. The British Chiefs of Staff were in favour of an invasion of Sicily or Sardiniaarguing that it would force Germany to disperse its forces and might knock Italy out of the war and move Turkey to join the Allies.

More importantly, what did the Athenians believe? Despite the Allied landings on the island, the Germans had managed to avoid the capture of most of their forces. The Selinites took this opportunity to again send messages to Akragas, Gela, and Syracuse and to repair the damage to their walls. In Corinth, representatives from Syracuse met with Alcibiades, who was working with Sparta.

During this time, battles were already underway on the island. The two task force commanders reported to Alexander as commander of the 15th Army Group.

When he sued for peace, it was granted. The resultant Athenian invasion of Sicily during BC was destroyed by a combined effort of Sicilian cities including Selinus and Syracuse. The Athenians attacked first, believing themselves to be the stronger and more experienced army, and after some unexpectedly strong resistance, the Argives pushed back the Syracusan left wing, causing the rest to flee.

The specific fate of Nicias and Demosthenes is not clearly recorded in any extant source, but since they are no longer heard of, it is assumed they were executed, possibly after torture.

The Greek site of Segesta in Sicily, Italy

Carthage intervened at the instigation of Anaxilus, and the Sicilian Greeks under the tyrants Gelo and Theron crushed the Punic expedition of in the 1st battle of Himera. How could this possibly have seemed like the right decision? By pelting the attacking enemy with tiles, brick and other objects, these impromptu peltasts could take a heavy toll during urban fighting.

A history of Greece to the death of Alexander the Great 3 ed. Allied Plans Operation Husky consisted of a main amphibious invasion together with an operation by airborne units from the Allied forces.

The political landscape in Sicily during those years changed as some of the Greek tyrants were replaced by democracy and oligarchy, the influence of Syracuse shrank in Sicily and infighting between the Greek cities flared up.The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military expedition to Sicily, which took place – BC during the Peloponnesian War between the Athenian empire on one side and Sparta, Syracuse and Corinth on the other.

The expedition ended in a devastating defeat of the Athenian forces. The Sicilian Expedition was an Athenian military but this request was denied. He was otherwise extremely popular and had the support of the entire army; he had also Alcibiades informed Sparta that there would be an invasion of the Peloponnese if Sicily was conquered, and that they should send help to Syracuse and also.

Ancient Greece in Sicily – Syracuse Posted on November 1, August 22, by jrome Sicily is the melting pot of Italy, a cultural mélange that has taken over 10, years to create. Livy on the First Punic War. The Roman historian Titus Livius or Livy (59 BCE - 17 CE) is the writer of the authorized version of the history of the Roman republic.

Many of the books of the History of Rome from its beginning are now lost; however, we do have an excerpt, the bookshe described the First Punic War (), in which the Romans conquered Sicily. Jan 26,  · Alcibiades also reminds the Athenians why they took Egesta on as an ally—not that Athens expected direct help from them but that Egesta would harass Athenian enemies in Sicily.

Alcibiades brings to the forefront a motif that has been hinted at several times, that of rest versus motion.

Livy on the First Punic War

They decided to invade the Italian island, using North African troops, after obtaining victory in Africa. The invasion of Sicily was decided at the Casablanca Conference, once the alternative options of Sardinia and Corsica had been eliminated.

The invasion was later confirmed at .

The mistake of invading sicily at the request of egesta
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