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In 26 of the 47 states that allow alternative certification, the situation is as Finn describes, similar to Education opens doors education school programs. Sixteen states report the ethnic background of alternatively certified teachers to the U. Such functionality is second nature to us.

We obtained information from state web sites as well as from publications available for prospective teachers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Genuine Alternatives To see which states have established genuine alternative certification programs and which have only symbolic ones of the kind described by Finn, we compared alternative certification rules to requirements for traditional certification in each state.

And know what to expect. The flip side is that many business programs will not accept Education opens doors without work experience. Spellings case, who argue that traditional state certification is necessary to ensure teacher quality.

Bynearly 60, alternatively certified teachers were entering the teaching force each year, roughly one-fifth of new entrants see Figure 1. Alternative certification has been co-opted, compromised, and diluted. Among African Americans, test-score gains were also larger in the states with genuine alternative certification.

Government opens doors to lateral entry

But the burden of proof would now seem to shift to the plaintiffs in the Renee v. That older population continues to increase at most colleges nationwide and is even being courted by schools who have figured out how hard the older student will work to succeed. Genuine alternative certification opens the door to more minority teachers, and student learning is more rapid in states where the reform has been introduced.

Thus if we accept the premise that our goal is to improve student writing, and that new approaches are required, what do we do? Education is transformational for individuals and societies--it creates pathways to better health, economic growth, a sustainable environment, and peaceful, democratic societies.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. As Chester Finn, president of the Thomas B. Other states are facing a similar situation.

If the index exceeds 1. Upon reflection I realized that perhaps I had partially hidden from the world behind my family life. I made the fateful decision to go to college when I was at somewhat of a crossroads in my life.

Injust 20, alternative teaching certificates were issued. It was a big enough step just to go. The GRE includes the General Test which gives scores for verbal, quantitative, and analytical reasoning skills and the Subject Tests, which cover 14 different areas of study.

This will save you from paying any late fees or charges. Talk to admissions advisors and see what each school requires and suggests. The nationwide ratio in was 0. Gone are the days of that occasional afternoon class—which you probably missed half the time anyway.

We need more minority teachers. Globally, girls are especially disadvantaged--right now, million girls are not in school worldwide, and millions more face barriers to staying in school. In the 21 states that offer genuine alternative certification, however, 28 percent of newly certified teachers utilize the option see Figure 2.

You should go back when you have the least to give up, if you can. Minority Representation To the second question, there is also a fairly clear answer: Together with census data, that information allows for the calculation of the ratio of minority teachers to minority adults for each state, which serves as an index of minority representation.Master of Education in Teacher Education The School of Education & Social Policy offers multiple Teacher Education Programs (TEP) that have been approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Interstate Certification Compact of the National Association of State Directors of Teachers Education.

0 Comments For This Post. 2 Trackbacks For This Post. Carnival of College Admission: Lucky 13th Edition says: March 11th, at am [ ] presents A Higher Degree Can Open Doors to Many Opportunities. posted at Higher Education and Career Blog. Education Opens Doors (EOD) is a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas, whose stated mission is to “empower students to purposefully navigate through high school to college.

EAST CHICAGO — Education is the key to success that opens doors to a lifetime of fulfillment for people of all backgrounds. That philosophy drives the Foundations of the East Chicago scholarship.

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Open a World of Opportunity. The University of Arkansas at Monticello is a vibrant learning community and a close-knit family.

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At UAM, you will study under experienced educators, form life-long connections, create special memories, and lay the foundation for a bright future.

Education opens doors
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