An analysis of the setting in sweetheart of the song tra bong by rat kiley

He lunges forward into the hut, and the two others follow. Somehow this transformation is horrific in Mary Anne, but it is not so different from the soldier who went AWOL in "How to Tell a True War Story" but then came back because the peace hurt so good he wanted to hurt it back.

Her progression from a sweet girlfriend to something more bestial than the Green Berets is an analogy for the loss of innocence through which all soldiers of Vietnam go.

She picks up things quickly. She gave Mark Fossie a quick hug after she dropped her gear. O'Brien successfully obscures the line between story and truth, and readers must ponder how much of the story is "true," how much is fictional, and whether that makes a difference in how we receive the novel.

She spent time on the perimeter and learned Vietnamese phrases. Retrieved January 12, He tells a story with no ending, and his characters seem to know that. One should live within the wilderness. But with this story, Rat always insisted it was true. Two months after he left, when he ran into Eddie Diamond, he learned that Mary Anne delighted in night patrols and in the fire.

Mary Anne finally shed the illusions of grandeur from home and decided she wanted to be a woman of the bush. Fossie was sent out on duty but got injured and was given a medical discharge when sent to a hospital back in the States. Perhaps that is why they are so troubled and why Sanders desperately wants an ending to Mary Anne's story.

The tale is about loss of innocence. Rat would resume the story and tell his listeners that she was resting with the Green Berets in their hootch after an all-night ambush.

She wants the war. Rat said everything he's told up until now is what he experienced, but after this point it's things he's heard.

Mary Anne has changed. But she was also wearing a necklace of human tongues. Just like Mary Anne, the innocent persons they were would never be seen again.

There was music playing from somewhere in the dark, and there was a woman's voice but the words weren't English. She withdrew even more. The war changes Mary Anne and what she wants. It makes her feel completely alive and also completely herself, and she believes wholeheartedly this is the only place on earth she can feel that way.

For Mary Anne, the presence of her sweetheart gave her moments of pause in her transformation, where she took occasional steps back into sweetness. Mary Anne laughed and told him all she wanted was already here. By the second week she begged Fossie take her down to the village at the bottom of the hill.

The Things They Carried

She was part of the land. Three weeks pass until she returns.

Rat had been assigned to a medical detachment near Tra Bong in an area the medics shared with six Green Berets. Active Themes It was almost three weeks before Mary Anne came back to the compound and Rat saw her go into the Greenies' hut.

Mary Anne stopped wearing makeup and jewelry; she cut her hair short. How will they return to their families, or will they ever return? But the Greenies, as they were called, avoided contact with the other men. Active Themes A decade earlier the base had been used as an outpost for the Special Forces and when Rat Kiley came there was still a squad of six Green Berets that used the compound.

She keeps insisting it's not bad—but that's because there's no way to tell right or wrong while you're at war. Rat, the company believed, told a certain amount of truth in each of his stories, but always exaggerated them as well.

Eddie told him he heard from a Greenie that Mary Anne had disappeared for good. Later Fossie told Rat that there wouldn't be any more ambushes or late nights.

He keeps repeating, "Lost. Rat was first stationed in a pretty peaceful place, where the war seemed like a far off thing. Close to the end of her third week, Fossie started to make plans to send Mary Anne home.The story starts when Rat is assigned to a small medical detachment in the mountains near a village called Tra Bong and a river called the Song Tra Bong.

There isn't a lot of military oversight in the medics' compound, and the security is provided by a mix of RFs (Regional Forces), PFs (Popular Forces), and ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) infantry. Need help with Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong in Tim O’Brien's The Things They Carried?

Check out our revolutionary side-by-side summary and analysis. (Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong.6) When Mary Anne first gets to Vietnam, she's the embodiment of every thing the soldiers think of as home, as familiar. Rat is totally incredulous at the Americanness of her dress, there in Vietnam— culottes, a pink sweater.

In Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong, setting is paramount. If one were to take this story and place it in New York City, it would be laughed at. As Mary Anne said, “‘You can’t feel like [this] anywhere else.’ “() The story takes place in two places.

“Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” Summary. O’Brien says the most enduring Vietnam stories are those that are between the absolutely unbelievable and the mundane. “The Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong” is the only story in which a female character is the protagonist.

Even then, the woman’s own sensibility remains a mystery. Her narrative is filtered through a .

An analysis of the setting in sweetheart of the song tra bong by rat kiley
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