Amazon rain forest

Man and Culture in a Counterfeit Paradise. How many cures for devastating disease have we already lost? It is a fact and it is being implemented today. Twenty-five percent of the active ingredients in today's cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.

When fleeing from predators, it can literally run on the surface of water such as a pond or stream at a speed of 5 miles per hour, and for up to a distance of 20 meters.

What Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?

When a medicine man dies without passing his arts on to the next generation, the tribe and the world loses thousands of years of irreplaceable knowledge about medicinal plants. The development of this fertile soil allowed agriculture and silviculture in the previously hostile environment; meaning that large portions of the Amazon rainforest are probably the result of centuries of human management, rather than naturally occurring as has previously been supposed.

Their beaks are quite powerful and can effortlessly crack nuts and seeds, while their scaly tongues are dry and contains bone, which is mostly used for tapping into fruits. More than 20 percent of rainforest in the Amazon has been razed and is gone forever.

Of the pharmaceutical drugs that are plant-derived today, 74 percent were discovered through Amazon rain forest research to verify the authenticity of information concerning the medical uses of the plant by indigenous peoples.

As always, one theory put forth to explain their purpose was that the ditches had a religious significance, which is perfectly possible. Long regarded as hocus-pocus by science, the empirical plant knowledge of the indigenous peoples is now thought by many to be the Amazon's new gold.

This process is then repeated on adjacent plots of land, steadily pushing back the borders of the Amazon Rainforest.

10 Wild Facts About The Amazon Rainforest

That is over acres lost every minute of every day. This is the folly that our descendants are least likely to forgive us for. It appeared following a global reduction of tropical temperatures when the Atlantic Ocean had widened sufficiently to provide a warm, moist climate to the Amazon basin.

It is believed that the civilization was later devastated by the spread of diseases from Europe, such as smallpox. With this massive freshwater system, it is not unusual that life beneath the water is as abundant and diverse as the surrounding rainforest's plant and animal species.

Amazon rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest has long been a symbol of mystery and power, a sacred link between humans and nature. In a huge industrial timber corporation bought thousands of acres in the Borneo rainforest by giving 2, Malaysian dollars to twelve longhouses of local tribes.

The cardboard packing and the wood chipboard industries use ton machines that gobble up the rainforest with 8-foot cutting discs that have eight blades revolving times a minute. Their spots, which highly resemble roses, render them distinctive from other big cats, A jaguar has the strongest bite force of all of these predatory felines, with its incredibly powerful jaws incomparable to those of any other cat.

These surviving indigenous people still demonstrate the remarkable diversity of the rainforest because they comprise ethnic groups with different languages.

Amazon Rainforest

Peanut Head Bug Also known as the lantern fly, flying snake, alligator bug, snake cicada, among many other names, the peanut head bug is a mysterious creation. In the words of one major drug company executive, "Scientists may be able to make any molecule they can imagine on a computer, but Mother Nature.

Today, entire communities and indigenous tribes earn 5 to 10 times more money wild harvesting medicinal plants, fruits, nuts and oils than they can earn by chopping down the forest for subsistence crops - another reason why so much rainforest land is lost year after year.

Climate fluctuations during the last 34 million years have allowed savanna regions to expand into the tropics.

Amazon Rainforest Facts

The women of the tribe fought alongside the men, as was their custom. While the Merck-INBio agreement provides a fascinating example of a private partnership that contributes to rural economic development, rainforest conservation, and technology transfer, virtually no precedent exists for national policies and legislation to govern and regulate what amounts to a brand new industry.

In fact, deforestation accounts for about 15 percent of annual global emissionswhich is more than the transport sector of the entire world. For full treatment, see South America: One in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon rainforest.

The governments of these developing countries need help in learning how to manage and protect their natural resources for long-term profits, while still managing to service their debts, and they must be given the incentives and tools to do so.

National Cancer Institute has identified more than 3, plants that are active against cancer cells, and 70 percent of these plants are found only in the rainforest.

Amazon rainforest

It covers most of the Amazon Basin in South America. The one process ongoing in the s that will take millions of years to correct is the loss of Amazon rain forest and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats. Another theory is that they were used for drainage.

By creating a market demand and income from sustainably harvested rainforest resources, we are enjoined by many others to provide a morally and ecologically balanced relationship that is not only supportive of the rainforest and monetary needs of the indigenous peoples of the rainforest, but can compete financially with other unsustainable sources of income offered by timber companies and agricultural concerns.

Based on archaeological evidence from an excavation at Caverna da Pedra Pintadahuman inhabitants first settled in the Amazon region at least 11, years ago.

Purchasing sustainable rainforest products can effect positive change by creating a market for these products while supporting the native people's economy and provides the economic solution and alternative to cutting the forest just for the value of its timber.

Their exact purpose, however, remains a mystery. The mystery was solved when the team examined pollen sediments and discovered it was grass pollen and evidence of maize, pointing to previous savannah and farming in the area.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

South America's Amazon is the world's largest rainforest. Over one third of all animal species call the Amazon rainforest home. The National Geographic magazine archive is an online collection of every print issue published since It includes all articles, photographs, and maps, exactly as they appeared in print.

All you need to view the archive is a current National Geographic magazine subscription and an internet connection. Using the archive is easy—you can browse thousands of issues, search by topic or. Click on your part of the continental U.S. to find out how precipitation (rain and snow) in your area compares to the Amazon.

The Amazon is a vast region that spans across eight rapidly developing countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, an overseas territory of France.

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Amazon rain forest
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